Quick Project Help

Need something fast but don’t know how to write it? This option is great for anyone facing a deadline. Work with one of our experts to determine the parameters of your project, develop a plan of attack, and conduct a final polish.


Personalized Writing Mentoring

Ideal for writers working on longer, more in-depth projects. You’ll work one-on-one with an experienced writing mentor who will help bring your project to fruition.

Price varies.


Writing for Business

A weekly course for business executives and technical writers who need to develop their skills in written communication.


Plotting Your Novel

For the fiction writers among us – a course dedicated to teaching you how to start your novel, maintain momentum, develop effective writing strategies, and ultimately embark on the publishing process.


Screenwriting 101

A basic beginning course for budding screenwriters. Learn the foundations of narrative, character, stage direction, and dialogue.


The Tenets of Poetry

A survey course in approaching poets. This course will teach you how to read, analyze, appreciate, and ultimately create work as an experienced poet.


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